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SMB Beauty’s team of highly trained beauticians are proud to offer a carefully curated selection of over 15 waxing services for the face, brows, legs, bikini area, and more. Our natural waxes and soothing products, alongside our therapists’ impeccably gentle technique, make this hair removal treatment accessible to even those with sensitive skin. 

We’re committed to delivering the best possible waxing experience – and to us, that means more than perfect results. Your dedicated beautician will work to ensure your complete comfort throughout your treatment, creating a deeply relaxing atmosphere and maintaining a completely hygienic environment.


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Perfectly precise hair removal in mere minutes. Unlock the secret to beautifully smooth skin and long-lasting results with our wide range of facial and body waxing treatments and aftercare.

Face and Brow Waxing

Smooth and exfoliate your facial skin, or achieve a perfectly arched brow in line with your unique features with our face and brow waxing services – performed by highly trained beauticians with an acute level of attention to detail.

Leg Waxing

Achieve perfectly smooth legs without the need for constant shaving or hair removal cream. Our leg waxing services work to ensure your legs look and feel their best for weeks to come.

Bikini Waxing

Experience expertly delivered long-lasting hair removal in a variety of styles – tailored to your precise needs and comfort levels.

Other Waxing

Keep stubborn or hard-to-reach body parts hair-free with just a few strips of warm wax.

  • Long-Lasting Hair Removal

  • Silky Smooth Results

  • Exfoliates and Smooths

  • Reduces Hair Regrowth

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Our expert waxing therapists, Amy, Hannah, and Victoria, bring an exceptional level of attention to detail and perception to traditional waxing techniques. Their calming manners and passion for achieving the best possible result will leave your mind at ease and skin silky smooth by the end of your appointment.

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Our small, hand-selected team of beauticians are experts in their craft, with over 23 years of combined experience in the beauty and wellness industry.


Continued training and education is key to the success of our treatments. Every member of our team is highly qualified across all areas of our offerings.


Our beauticians utilise only the highest quality, most trusted products throughout both our beauty and wellness services - ensuring the best possible results.


We’re proud of our five-star rating. Our team’s service and treatment results rise above and beyond our clients’ highest expectations.

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    Everything you need to know about SMB Beauty. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

    Waxing treatments are one of the most effective hair removal techniques across all areas of the body. Its ongoing popularity is partially a result of its ability to remove hair at the follicle when applied and removed with the correct technique, meaning that when it grows back, it’s very likely to return thinner than before. Generally, our waxing clients report a reduction in hair growth over time with consistent waxing treatments, simplifying their grooming routine.  Are you interested in waxing with SMB Beauty’s expert beauticians? Discover our available appointment slots using our simple online booking system, or call our friendly team to make a reservation.

    Hot wax and strip wax are two commonly used methods of hair removal in salons across the globe. Hot wax is typically used in more delicate or sensitive areas – most commonly during bikini waxing – and requires ‘hot’ or warm wax to be spread onto the skin in a strip thick enough to cure and be lifted away by a beautician. This method is typically easier on thinner skin, produces fewer ingrown hairs, and allows for longer regrowth periods.  Strip wax is more commonly used on less sensitive areas of skin including the legs, back, and arms. This method involves the application of a comparatively thinner layer of wax to the area of unwanted hair, before its removal using a small paper strip.

    Brow waxing can be slightly painful, or simply surprising – particularly during a client’s first few experiences. However, the vast majority of our clients report a reduction in pain levels over time to a barely noticeable level depending on their personal level of tolerance. Your beautician should work to ensure your waxing appointment is as comfortable as possible, highly effective, and fast, regardless of your pain tolerance levels.  Are you interested in eyebrow waxing with SMB Beauty’s expert beauticians? Discover our available appointment slots using our simple online booking system, or call our friendly team to make a reservation.

    The frequency at which you should get waxed is dependent on a number of factors, including the area to be waxed, and hair growth speeds. The clean results of an eyebrow wax typically last for between 2 to 4 weeks – at which point – if the hair is at least 5mm long –  waxing can be performed again as a touch-up. Prior to eyebrow hair reaching a suitable waxing length, stray hairs can be tweezed out, however, the arch of the brow is best avoided in order to retain the shape created by your beautician.

    Though the results of waxing on hair regrowth vary according to individual growth patterns, waxing does most often result in the growth of thinner or less hair following appointments. This is a result of the removal of hair at the root, or ‘follicle’ – extending the regrowth period significantly.  Professional waxing’s ability to reduce hair growth, particularly after continued sessions, make it one of the most popular hair removal methods in the world, particularly for the eyebrows, legs, and bikini areas.  Are you interested in eyebrow waxing with SMB Beauty’s expert beauticians? Discover our available appointment slots using our simple online booking system, or call our friendly team to make a reservation.

    Waxing is a highly popular hair removal method for good reason – though it’s not without its cons. This cost-effective technique can be utilised across both sensitive (eyebrows, bikini) and thicker (legs, arms, back) areas of skin – removing hair precisely, quickly, and effectively, whilst working to prolong the regrowth cycle by removing hair at the root, or follicle. Suitable for all areas of the body on both men and women, this universal option has been a hair removal mainstay for many years.  Its primary con comes in the form of pain. Unlike hair removal creams or shaving, waxing can be painful – particularly for those experiencing the treatment for the first time, or when used on more sensitive areas of skin. Millions of wax users believe that the smooth end results are worth it – however, this is a matter of opinion.

    The waxing time for any area is highly dependent on the amount and type of hair to be removed, alongside the surface to be covered. Those with coarser or more dense hair may require several passes in one area in order to achieve optimally smooth results.  As a result, leg waxing is one of the most time-consuming offerings under this service type, often clocking in at between 30 to 50 minutes.   Those undergoing leg waxing on a regular basis may find at their appointment times shorten as their hair grows back thinner following each waxing treatment – an added benefit of this highly effective technique.

    Standalone brow waxing services are typically relatively inexpensive as a result of their short treatment time and minimal hair removal – however, a number of salons offer add-on services designed to enhance the shape created.  SMB Beauty offers the following brow services in combination with waxing:  Brow Wax | £9.50 Brow Wax and Tint | £14 Brow Wax and Tint Plus Lip Wax | £18 Lash and Brow Tint plus Brow Wax | £25 Lash Bomb Lift and Tint plus Brow Tint and Wax | £43 To discover SMB Beauty’s beauty treatment prices, view our simple and transparent price list online, or contact our friendly team over the phone to further discuss your budget and desired service.

    There is a wide range of bikini wax styles available  – from modest tidy-ups to full hair removal. The five most popular services in this waxing category are as follows: Standard Bikini Wax – Removes quickly and effectively stray or unwanted hair from around the panty/bikini line using warm wax, leaving long-lasting results. Full Bikini Wax – Follows the same lines as a standard bikini wax, but creates deeper sides, often resulting in a more defined triangle look.  French Bikini Wax –  Removes almost all hair from the front, leaving just a small strip – but does not remove any hair from the behind.   Brazilian Bikini Wax – Removes stray or unwanted hair quickly and effectively from both the front and behind using warm wax – leaving just a small strip. The Hollywood – Removes stray or unwanted hair quickly and effectively from both the front and behind using warm wax – waxing it in its entirety for a completely smooth and hairless look. SMB Beauty typically offers standard bikini, Hollywood, and Brazilian waxes, with options available in combination with other waxing services. 

    Before attending any form of waxing appointment, it’s highly important to let your hair grow out to approximately ¼ of an inch (around the length of a grain of rice), or for about 10-14 days. Without this length, the wax used throughout the treatment will be unable to adhere correctly to the hair, meaning we’ll be unable to complete the treatment.

    Ingrown hairs are unfortunately relatively common for particular skin types post-waxing. Luckily, there are a number of preparation and aftercare routines proven to significantly reduce their appearance. Those worried about or commonly suffering from post-wax ingrown hairs should consider doing the following before and after their next visit:

    • Exfoliate Regularly 

    Exfoliation is perhaps the best way to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, removing the dead skin cells that often lead to them. Try to exfoliate the areas to be waxed two days prior to your appointment and three days after. 

    • Moisturise 

    Moisturising is another great way to loosen the dead skin that commonly causes ingrown hairs, and is a relaxing addition to any shower or bathing routine. 

    • Hydrate

    Dry skin often results in hair being lifted at surface level rather than the follicle during waxing – allowing it to regrow under the skin. To avoid ingrowns, and to ensure your waxing results last for as long as possible, keep your body and skin hydrated. 

    • Dress for your Appointment 

    Avoiding skin irritation after your appointment is essential to encouraging great results. Be sure to wear or pack some comfortable, loose-fitting, and breathable clothing for the hours following your wax.

    Yes, you can! With SMB Beauty’s simple online booking software, our clients are easily able to re-book a therapist they’ve had before, or select a new one. Once you’ve chosen your therapist, you’ll be able to see an overview of their availability in calendar format and select a date and time that works for you. If you require any assistance booking in, please call our friendly reception team, or visit us in advance of your required date at our salon.

    We appreciate that sometimes you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. In order to keep things running as smoothly as possible on our side, we kindly request that at least 24 hours notice (but ideally 48 hours) be provided for cancellations. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. SMB Beauty appointments must be pre-paid. Unfortunately, if your appointment is cancelled with under 24 hours of notice, you won’t receive a refund.  In case of an emergency less than 24 hours prior to your appointment, please contact our friendly reception team. We’ll be happy to help.

    We understand that emergencies happen. If an emergency prevents you from making your appointment, please just give your salon a call. Our lovely team will be able to help.

    SMB Beauty accepts payment in advance, both through our online booking system (card only), and in-store (card and cash). Please note that we don’t currently accept Apple Pay.  If you require any assistance booking in, please call our friendly reception team, or visit us in advance of your required date at our salon.

    All prices are subject to change. To view our current prices, please visit our price list page.

    We’re situated within the picturesque market town of Brecon, Mid-Wales. You’ll find our salon locates along the car park off St Mary’s Street, between ‘Youngs Carpets’ and ‘Dewi’s Secret Garden’. Please note that at this time, we have limited parking only: should you be unable to find a space, the nearby new Library has a large pay and display area.

      To book in for a wax with SMB Beauty, simply browse our treatment menu above, and click any of the Book Now buttons to be taken straight to our booking platform, where you’ll be able to select your exact treatment, date, time, and beauty therapist. We’ve got a shiny new system ready to go, so the first time you book you’ll need to make a new account. If you require any assistance booking in, please call our friendly reception team, or visit us in advance of your required date at our salon.